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Mental Health Counseling

San Miguel Community licensed professional counselors are trained to help adults dealing with a variety of behavioral health issues: anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, etc. In addition to individual mental health counseling, we provide therapy for relationship issues, and a variety of group options.

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Our programs offer care tailored to fit your personal needs, and to support your journey into recovery. We seek to provide care for individuals as well as the families, loved ones, and the community impacted by behavioral health issues.

Ready when you are

We believe that all individuals asking for help with mental health issue deserve qualified, competent, and compassionate help right at the moment they are willing to accept that help. We will answer calls for help 7 days a week, 365 days per year, to make our professionally-certified, experienced staff available to help when help is needed and wanted.


Depression, sadness, mood swings. Asking for help is a sign of strength, and Belen Community Care is ready to help you manage your mental health needs


Our Individual therapy sessions often specialized treatment.


Our Individual therapy sessions often specialized treatment.


We have groups for adults, and our groups are based in proven effective therapies.


Specialized treatment for loneliness and the skills to assist recovery.


We provide specialized treatment for Sadness, with the skills to assist recovery.


Our services are delivered by a compassionate and experienced team.

Competent Medical Senior Care

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Our Team

Our team of professionals is carefully selected and committed to providing comprehensive assessment, treatment and support for people experiencing mental health concerns. With a focus on high quality mental health care, we deliver positive patient outcomes for people with acute adult mental health disorders.

Our dedicated and highly qualified team of experienced Consultant Psychiatrists foster a discrete environment ideal for treatment and recovery. Specialized care is provided in the least restrictive environment while maintaining patient safety and confidentiality as a first priority.

Our specialized services include:

Our holistic approach to treatment is offered in a safe and supportive environment utilizing evidence-based treatment, patient education and therapeutic programs.

  • Older persons mental health.
  • Acute adult psychology.
  • Veterans services mental health.
  • A broad range of day therapy programs to support ongoing recovery and wellness.

We accept MEDICAID, patients with private health insurance and uninsured self-funded patients.

que bien

Great Place that feels like home, is fabulous! From the moment I entered the office I felt safe and cared for. The Dr’s are caring and the staff so friendly. Very impressed with the level of professionalism and concern for my privacy. They always been very professional.


Gean Marco

me gusta

There is really good communication through the office from reception to the doctors and therapists, and everyone works as a team.



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