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Colon Hydrotherapy is the quickest and most effective way to a new, healthier, more energetic you.

At San Miguel Wellness Center we specialize in Colon Hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna Therapy, Nutritional Counseling and Colonoscopy Preparation. We focus on supporting your goals for digestive health, detoxing and cleansing, as well as addressing health issues that may be caused by toxicity.

portrait of jo in the office Did you know that we should be eliminating 3 to 4 times a day? One meal in, one meal out. Toxins in our air, water and diet, cosmetic products and even stress can cause illness and disease, and they increase the magnitude of our health challenges and slow down our digestive system. The health of our organs and our overall well-being depends on how well our elimination functions work. Poor elimination leads to the impaction of toxic waste in our colon which in turn can cause toxicity in the entire body. The colon also functions as the final absorption of Vitamins B and K, water and other nutrients as well as the location of important receptors for serotonin. Poor colon health will disrupt all of these functions.

Detoxification of the Colon allows all of the cells throughout the body to restore, leading to improved nutrient absorption. This strengthens the immune system and permits other organs of elimination (skin, lungs, liver and kidneys) to operate more effectively. Colon Hydrotherapy is highly recommended for anyone looking to feel and live healthier. Flushing toxins out of your body combined with better nutrition, hydration and exercise can be a life changing experience. Colon hydrotherapy can help hit the reset button and get you back to feeling great!

Diet and herbal cleanses are a great way to release toxins from your organs into your digestive tract for elimination, however these toxins can also block the colon preventing elimination and allowing the toxins to stay in your system and go right back to the organs that just released them. Flushing the colon is key to lowering your toxicity level and the most effective way to cleanse your entire body and allow it to thrive. Once your digestive tract is flushed all your other organs will naturally start to release the toxins they are holding making your cleanse even more effective.

So why Colon Hydrotherapy? It is the most natural and effective way to flush the colon, warm purified water hydrates the colon wall while it softens and loosens compacted waste allowing it to leave your system gently. Cleaning and hydrating the colon wall allows the cells to heal and rejuvenate, the treatment itself will also tone and train your colon to work more effectively.

Colon Hydrotherapy health benefits include:

Reduced Bloating, a flatter tummy
Better Digestion
Reduced Flatulence
Reduced Belching
Improved Intestinal Bacteria (Flora) Balance
Reduced Candida and Yeast Infections
Improved Bowel Function and Muscle Tone
Reduced Constipation
Reduced Diarrhea
Increased Energy and Vitality
Improved Mood
Improved Focus and Concentration

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