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I firmly believe that any products/supplements we take should be high quality and all natural. Pricing listed below is in-clinic pricing only and includes tax. Click on each product's name to purchase certain products online.

* If you purchase Xymogen products from the link below, set up your shopping account at the "eStore Log In" button at the top right corner of the Xymogen website. As a "New User," click on the "Patients" tab and enter the code "SMWC" and the last name "Lyons."

greens GHC, Oxy Powder $49 / 120 capsules All natural oxygen colon cleanser used to safely relieve bloating, gas, and constipation.
livatrex GHC, Livatrex $30 / 2 fluid oz An energetically enhanced blend of powerful herbs that support detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder.
paratrex GHC, Paratrex $30 / 120 capsules Creates an environment hostile to invading organisms and promotes a natural cleansing of your system.
probio defense Xymogen, Probio Defense * $40 / 84 capsules Optimal combination of probiotic bacteria that supports the immune system.
azeo pangen Metagenics, Azeo Pangen Extra Strength $40 / 90 tablets A comprehensive enzyme complex that helps support healthy digestive function.
metagest Metagenics, Metagest $45 / 270 tablets Facilitates the breakdown of food by supplying the stomach acid support factors betaine HCI and pepsin.
glycogenics Metagenics, Glycogenics $45 / 180 capsules An advanced, balanced B-complext formula that features a blend of B vitamins and complementary nutrients.
greens Greens+, Original and Wild Berry $35 / 9.4 oz
(Available in clinic only)
An award-winning blend of green superfoods and high-energy herbal extracts.
malic acid Natures Life, Malic Acid 800mg $12 / 100 capsules
(Available in clinic only)
A fruit acid. Helps to soften and break down gallstones.
dandelion root tea Traditional Medicinals, Dandelion Root Tea $7 / 16 bags
(Available in clinic only)
Dandelion root tea has shown "choleretic" effects, which means that it can stimulate the liever to increase bile flow.