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Through my training I have learned the importance of nutrition. Cooking methods, processed food, chemicals and hormones have all affected our diets and our toxicity levels. San Miguel Wellness Center is committed to helping clients understand their personal nutritional needs which is why complementary nutritional counseling is offered with all Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments. Our goal is to help our clients achieve optimal health and vitality.

During your appointment we will discuss what foods you are ingesting and in some cases make suggestions where you can improve your diet so that your digestion will function better. There are also many simple and natural tricks that you can do to help your body function better, for example adding fresh lemon to your water can help to balance your PH levels.

Rather than only focusing on flushing toxins out it is also important to realize what toxins are going into your system. To achieve ultimate health it is a balance of both giving your body what it needs and removing what it doesn't. The combination of good diet and regular cleansing will give you a huge positive shift in how you feel and function.