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Colon Hydrotherapy 3 Series

This is a powerful cleanse. Having three treatments over three days means that you are assured of cleaning the entire colon. Not only will you gently flush all of the toxins in your colon, but once they start to release, all of the organs in your body will start to do the same. In fact, if you are doing any type of diet or herbal cleanse that encourages organs to release, it will send the flushed toxins to your digestive tract. If your colon is not releasing effectively, the toxins can build up further in your colon. We take toxins into our system on a daily basis through food, medication, pollution, and chemicals on our skin, and once they are in your digestive system, if they build up on the colon wall they can leak through into your blood stream and go anywhere within your body. Therefore cleaning your colon can be an extremely powerful cleanse, allowing toxins to finally leave your body. We suggest not eating and drinking for two hours before your treatment in addition to avoiding gluten, dairy and other toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, and fried food during the three day treatment.

Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse with Colon Hydrotherapy

This takes the cleanse to a deeper level. On the evening of your third treatment of the 3 series cleanse, you will drink a liver, gall bladder flush. The next day you will come back for a fourth session to make sure that all of the bile and gall stones have left your system. Colon hydrotherapy, in conjunction with the flush, allows the liver and gall bladder to release without obstruction so the bile and stones completely leave the body. This protocol is far more natural and does not require the use of laxatives that can damage the colon wall. There is a slight diet modification - no animal products, gluten, dairy or fats for a short period before you start your treatments - and there are supplements to take - Malic Acid (a fruit acid) that helps to soften and break down gall stones, Oxy Powder (all natural magnesium supplement) that helps to loosen and release any impaction in your colon, and dandelion tea, which supports healthy liver function. Also over the three days of treatments you will start to switch from solid food to liquid so that we clear your small and large intestines in preparation for the flush.

Green Cleanse Inc. Liver and Gallbladder Flush with Colon Hydrotherapy

This is a two-week diet cleanse that encourages your organs to release and helps prep your body for the liver and gallbladder flush. It includes a 'Greens Plus' breakfast drink to boost your nutrition, a salad for lunch, and miso or vegetable broth with steamed vegetables for dinner. The diet changes slightly on the tenth day, as that evening you will drink your liver gall bladder flush, and on days 11 through 14 you can begin to re-introduce protein and healthy grains so that we gently take you off the cleanse. This cleanse is really three cleanses in one with the alkaline diet, liver gall bladder flush and most importantly the four treatments of Colon Hydrotherapy. However, if you wish it is fine to do this cleanse without doing the liver flush.

Sugar Free Cleanse with Colon Hydrotherapy

This is a 3 week cleanse designed to help balance your hormones, remove yeast/candida infections, loose sugar cravings, loose unwanted weight and achieve amazing results with your digestion. Your diet plan with involve eating clean, no processed food, no sugar items including all items that turn to sugar in your system. Instead, lots of great veggies, organic meats and fish, pulses such as lentils, soups and salads.

Any diet cleanse will encourage toxins to flush from your organs to your digestive tract for elimination, in doing so they can block the colon and leak back into your system so it is very important that we keep the colon moving during this cleanse. Based on the person I will create a Colon Hydrotherapy and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy plan to coincide with your diet cleanse so that you achieve the most from your dietary efforts and you will find a huge improvement in your digestion and elimination. By the end of your cleanse you will have lost those sugar cravings, extra pounds, your hormones will be balanced so your mood will be lifted and if you are going through menopause your symptoms will have improved. You will also see a huge improvement with any yeast/candida issues as they will have be starved by the diet and flushed from the colonics. Overall you will have more energy, better mood and be feeling GREAT.

Juice Cleanse with Colon Hydrotherapy

Juice cleansing is really powerful, it gives your body a huge burst of good healthy nutrients while also causing a deep detoxing effect. You will feel more energy and clarity and although you may miss chewing your food, you will be surprised that you really won't be hungry as you body gets concentrated nutrition from your juice. There is a reason why juice cleansing is so popular and that is because it works! I suggest a minimum of 3 days, 5 or 7 days will give you a much better result, if you are committed enough, try 10 days. As with all diet cleansing your body will flush all those released toxins to your GI tract and so it is imperative to cleanse your colon while juicing, that way those pesky toxins will leave your body for good so you will also feel 10 times better and stronger throughout your cleanse. Toxins that are not released during a diet or herbal cleanse can leak into your bloodstream and go right back to those organs that you worked so hard to release, make the most of your diet cleanse and flush that colon! A minimum of 3 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions is recommended with a juice cleanse.